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A place where individuality is truly allowed to blossom

Highgate Montessori provides a warm, stimulating environment which nurtures children’s social integration by allowing them the freedom to choose and time to discover a place within their own little world.

Highgate Montessori is a place that celebrates the personality of each child by meeting their individual needs, guided by the philosophy of Dr. Maria Montessori.

My son has been attending Highgate Montessori at Pond Square nursery for almost a year and I couldn’t rate the nursery higher. The nursery Is spacious and light – equipped with inspiring educational Montessori resources. It provides a variety of activities in a structured way i.e every Friday is a cooking day when children get to take home food that they have made in order to share with their parents.

I could definitely say that my son has made friends not only with his peers but also with all of the staff members. I see him being happy when he comes to the nursery and reluctant to go home when I pick him up. He is very fond of his teachers often showing his affection with a big hug when saying “goodbye” to them.

The director of the nursery is involved full-heartedly in every aspect and daily running of the nursery. Carole brings inspiration and attention to detail to everything that she does. She treats every child as an individual trying to support the development of their personal interests. Children are encouraged to help each other as there is no division into groups according to age and to develop their independence by i.e. setting up tables for lunch.

Highgate Montessori is a wonderfully peaceful environment that I feel comfortable with when I leave my son in. I could definitely recommend Highgate Montessori to any parent that is considering it for their child.


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